Hi, I'm Andrew! I want to take a moment to share how I got into the design world.

So growing up, I was a huuuge nerd!

I found old computer parts and created low cost internet portals using Linux. As a fully open operating system, I realized I could tweak Linux to be anything I wanted, and I got hooked on designing the most ideal UIs for my use cases. Pretty soon, I was dabbling in web development, and in high school I ran a few sites generating revenue off Google Adsense.

After working for a while, I pursued a design education at university (Go Aggies!), led a student-run design agency with clients like Grubhub, and honed my ability to help cross-functional teams ship useful, scalable, and beautiful products.

My deep understanding of technology allows me to go beyond the typical job description of a product designer to uncover new markets, inspire engineering teams, and lead organizations toward healthier and more effective process.

Is there something you're working on where you could benefit from a highly polymathic designer? Let's talk!

Read what past managers and clients have to say

Andrew worked with us to turn an ambiguous product vision into tangible mockups and prototypes that we were able to test with customers, and eventually raise a seed round for. Andrew has a keen product sense, even for a highly technical product like ours. He’d be a great asset for any founding teams navigating the 0 to 1 stage.

Author image Lauren L. CTO @ Ampersand

I had the pleasure of working alongside Andrew at a 0 to 1 tele-health start up for 6 months. He cares deeply about the customer journey and designing useful (&fun!) experiences. Instrumental in quickly turning around a beautiful pitch deck for potential partnership. His designs are elegant and effective. Great teammate and an asset to any start up!

Author image Rachel D. M.D. Medical Director @ Zest Dermatology

During my time working with Andrew, I immediately noticed his uncanny ability to ask precisely the right questions and welcome design challenges right out of the gate. He’s unfazed by tough UX problems, and approaches solutions with a high curiosity and ability to execute. I would hire Andrew in a heartbeat.

Author image Shemoel R. Principal Product Designer @ Curology

I appreciated Andrew's attention to detail, the questions he asked to get a full picture of us and our clients, as well as pushing us to quantify success metrics we were expecting from the redesign. I am sure that Andrew will be an asset to any team in the future!

Author image Erin T. Director of Business Operations @ Retention Science

Andrew's style and approach to thinking through product problems were thorough and thoughtful. He is excellent at handling edge cases that helped bring clarity and speed to engineering teams. Finally, his attention to detail resulted in designs that I am proud to have helped ship.

Author image Jennifer L. Senior Product Manager @ New Relic

He took an incredibly thoughtful approach to both projects and worked cross functionally with analytics, customer success, design, and product. I was impressed with his proactiveness in looking into product metrics and his drive to interview users and internal stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the problem space. He is also eager for and receptive to feedback and has a growth mindset. He is a great person to have on your team!

Author image Megan M. Senior Product Designer @ Alation

Andrew understands the technical details while still caring deeply about the customer's problems and journey. His collaboration with product has been invaluable to building the best experiences for our users. I highly recommend Andrew!

Author image Tori M. Principal Product Manager @ New Relic

Andrew is an absolutely incredible designer and person. His keen visual eye and extreme user empathy make will make him invaluable wherever he lands next. Highly recommend!

Author image Colin P. Design Lead @ Alation

Fantastic designer: eager to collaborate, skilled at coming up with creative solutions to difficult UX challenges, great communicator. Very small ego and a joy to work with. Andrew is my go-to designer any time I have a difficult UX problem often resulting in me walking away from the conversation with a, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

Author image Garrett O. Senior Software Engineer @ New Relic

Andrew is quick to action and puts his excellent visual design skills to work. He's highly responsive, circumspect, and iterative in his designs. Andrew brought a wonderful vivacity to the Alation design team, diving right into new content, processes, and critiques, while always staying focused on ways for himself and the team improve. He would be a great addition to any design team.

Author image David T. Senior Product Designer @ Alation

Andrew and I worked together when he was interning at Curology. It was a pleasure to work together with Andrew who always brought a lot of excitement for working in design and learning new things. I'm impressed by the way he was able to tackle difficult UX challenges. He always sought to learn more and contribute to the team, including a lot of work around accessibility.

Author image Ida S. Product Designer @ Curology