I'm Andrew Sider Chen, a Product Designer based in San Francisco. Most recently at Curology, the leading brand in personalized skincare, I designed on both the clinician and patient-facing sides of the product, reducing workload while improving patient happiness and churn as we transitioned the business to a lower-touch model.

Previously I've been a product designer and researcher for companies like Alation, Retention Science, and Airbnb. I've built and documented brand identity and UI design systems, led customer interviews and testing sessions, and facilitated design workshops.

I first started designing for software products inadvertently in high school. As a Linux user, I was obsessed with rebuilding and refining my desktop environment so that the interface was more pleasant and more efficient for me. Later as the founder of a few community sites for a game I was passionate about, and I observed how much I cared about little website changes that would impact the user experience when scaled out to thousands of people. Since then, I've been on a journey to understand the world, the history of design, and to hone my craft in order to deliver top-notch experiences that enlighten and enliven.

  • principal

    I had the absolute pleasure of working alongside Andrew at Curology, collaborating on different parts of a high-impact product feature. During my time working with him, I immediately noticed his uncanny ability to ask precisely the right questions and welcome design challenges right out of the gate. He’s unfazed by tough UX problems, and approaches solutions with a high curiosity and ability to execute. I have no doubt in my mind he will continue to grow as a strong product designer and contribute heavily to any team and business. I would hire Andrew in a heartbeat.

  • manager

    Andrew made a fantastic addition to our design team and had a great impact in his short time here. He independently reached out to stakeholders across the organization for insights and feedback, sought metrics to inform decisions, ran and analyzed the output of usability tests on his designs, and executed designs with a high level of polish. Andrew worked closely with another designer to create important product updates that will be built in the coming months. He was also a pleasure to work with!

  • client

    I appreciated his attention to detail, the questions he asked to get a full picture of us and our clients, as well as pushing us to quantify success metrics we were expecting from the redesign. Andrew was thoughtful and organized from the beginning of the relationship. He came up with multiple visual designs for our review - he even included additional design ideas and suggestions well beyond the initial project scope. I am sure that Andrew will be an asset to any team in the future!

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